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Resin ’66-’77 Ford Bronco Kit, 1/25 Scale

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1st of January 2014 at 3:37 AM
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Resin ’66-’77 Ford Bronco Kit. 1/25 Scale

Finally, the ’66-77 Bronco Resin Kits that you have been waiting for! Not a copy, not from the toy, but from the original Cheez-Cast early Bronco masters. This is the one that you would see copied and sold here on eBay, often, through nefarrious actions of others. But this is the real deal! I bought the masters for the Cheez-Cast ’66-‘77 resin Bronco bodies back in 2001/2002. Now, after all these years, the show has begun again. The master for the full cab body has been redone, and everything has been cleaned up. It is still a curbside kit, with no engine, rims, or tires. We are working on the half-cab/pickup version now. That may be ready in a few weeks.
The Bronco’s will be shipped from the resin caster that I have partnered with in the mid-west. The name of the company for the new Resin Broncos is called Outcast Resin Kits.

The photos of the red and white Bronco are of the prototype that I have put together, which was used to see how the kit would go together. It went together pretty good. The rims and tires are from the Revell/Monogram ’80 Ford Bronco, and I added the rear jump seat from the Revell Jeep Wrangler Rubicon kit. There is flash around the edges, as is normal in resin kits. There is no engine in this kit, so you are on your own for that. Maybe the smaller 289 Ford V8 from a 1/25 scale kit? Or the Ford Ranger AMT V6 motor? Or????? It builds into a nice ’66-’77 Ford Bronco, and it is the only resin kit out there. It is not from plastic toy, that was a misdirection that was used to weed out those who thought they could creatively borrow the older castings and call them their own.

Send in your photos of your build Bronco, and we will showcase them on the ResinBronco.com web site. The site is still being worked on, so don’t mind all the mess and dust flying around.

I do not ship Internationally. Please don’t ask. If you want, or demand, that they be shipped internationally, I will charge you a $50 fee to ship them, that’s above and beyond any shipping charges or fees. I don’t ship Internationally. I have had complaints that my shipping charges are too high. Everything from Hawai’i has to be shipped per Zone 8 fees/charges. There is nothing I can do about that. If you don’t like my shipping charges, do not bid on the items I have for sale. Do not complain about the charges. The charges covers all of eBay, and PayPal’s, fees.

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